A 100 Day Beginning

It’s hard to start a blog. I’ve done it a few different times, on different topics (knitting, writing, dieting (this last one was a bust)). The first post is always the hardest. There’s a self-imposed pressure to say “Hello World” correctly for the first time. On the blank page. With no one listening yet. It’s silly.

So, Hello World.

Tomorrow begins the 100 Day Project across the internet. I have tried to participate for the last several years, but I’m not great at following through with daily practice. If not under a deadline I generally sketch when the inspiration strikes and then lots of things until the ideas are all spent. I would be better at a 10 hour project producing 100 things maybe. Well, that’s one thing every 6 minutes. Yes, I could do that.

But I’m not going to do that. I am, however, going to try for this 100 day thing again. My 100 Day Project will be full of florals, birds and bugs. Victoria Johnson started an instagram challenge to design every day one of the top three most sellable illustrated objects: Birds, Butterflies or Flowers (see #birdsbutterfliesandblooms). Lots of good, useable design will come out of that challenge, and I’m so into it that I’m going to also make it the focus of my 100 Day Project (#the100dayproject). You’re supposed to make a personal hashtag, too, so you can see your project all together (not mixed up with all your other instagram posts you’ll still have plenty of time to post during the project (as if)). Mine will be #100daysofbbbbyjamie. Obviously that’s a unique one.

Now, to actually stick with it! I have a new little note book (though not newly purchased, because I have a stash of them taking up valuable studio space, because I am a notebook/journal hoarder) that I will carry with me always. And my trusty set of copic multiliner pens. And I’m planning to mix in some gouache and watercolor, Procreate and Illustrator. Things that I really like will be going up for sale on my Society6 shop.

If you’ve made it reading through this far, you are amazing! Clearly, we should be friends. Leave me a comment just to say hello, or tell me if you’re doing a 100 Day Project and what it is. I’d love to read about yours. This is going to be a stunning next few months, we need to stick together.

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